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  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
  • Three Kingdoms
Description of Three Kingdoms

The legitimacy of the Three Kingdoms, and the trickery of the Three Kingdoms!
Become a hero of the world and be the best hero in the world!

The Three Kingdoms Struggle

■■ Game Features ■■
1. Get the best luck through unification and historical events through single play!
2. Become a Top Ranker in the Battle of the Pyramid (PVP) with a long-lost longevity, and win the most powerful items!
3. Through the cooperation of users, the three kingdoms are in my hands!

▶ Single play
- My dream is unified under the sky! You can choose your age and monarchy to unify the whole world
- Automated combat system and individual bag control
- Any longevity is there! 534 longevity
- Epic of great history! 24 historical events and 13 general events
- I'll do it tomorrow ~ Storage and loading system

▶ Multiplayer (Niigata)
- Let's compete for who has the longest life! 176 PVP Longevity
- I want to be stronger than others! Item enhancement system
- More special longevity ★ Special ★ Give the ability
- Do not worry! Honorary system that takes away and takes away from users

▶ Multiplayer
- Generate forces or join forces to raise the forces of the world!
- Cooperate with the forces of power to win the heavens and gain more powerful items!

* The game of the Three Kingdoms game requires the following privileges for smooth game play.
- Device ID and call information: [Required] Permission to identify the device
- Device and app history: [Required] Permission to save game data

* How to withdraw access rights
- Operating system 6.0 or later: Settings> Application manager> Select app> Permission> Can revoke access right
- Operating system under 6.0: Since it is not possible to revoke the access right, it can be withdrawn by deleting the app

☞ Caution ☜ Caution
This game can be paid through In App Billing for purchasing items in the game.
(In accordance with the 'Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce etc.', withdrawal may be restricted. For further information, please contact the Hive Customer Center at sam@highbrow-inc.com)
(Please send an email to sam@highbrow-inc.com with your ID, nickname, and cell phone model.)

Community of the Three Kingdoms: http://cafe.naver.com/samtactic
Publisher website: http://www.highbrow-inc.com
Developer contact:

Version history Three Kingdoms
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.7.3
◆ Ver_3.7.3 업데이트 안내 ◆
1. 신무장 버그 수정
1. 반지 능력치 버그 수정
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.7.2
◆ Ver_3.7.2 업데이트 안내 ◆
1. 신규 가상 시나리오 추가
2. 이동 기능 개선
3. 보물 2종 추가
4. 시나리오 수정
1. 용병 개선
2. 특수 상점 상품 조정
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.7.1
◆ Ver_3.7.1 업데이트 안내 ◆
1. 일부 UI 개선
2. 초월 방어구 추가
3. 월간 패키지 구매 횟수 증가
4. 기타 버그 수정
1. 일부 UI 개선
2. 초월 방어구 능력치 추가
3. 천하제패 엽전상자(2) 수정
4. 기타 버그 수정
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.6.5
1. 64-bit compatible patch
2. Other bug fixes
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.6.3
Ver_3.6.3 Update Instructions
1. Added new gallery
1. Update longevity skin 2
- Updated 10 longevity skins 2
2. Renewal before occupation
- Add condition of entrance according to the power of longevity
- Added compensation before occupation
3. Add new grade drink
- Added 4 kinds of alcohol with national treasure grade
- Addition of national treasure sake manufacturing to the pub
4. Adding a roll item of ability
5. Improving convenience
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.6.2
◆ Ver_3.6.2 Update Information ◆

Thanksgiving event for the 6th anniversary of the trickery of the Three Kingdoms!

<6th anniversary event>
1. In addition, 50% additional payment
2. 6th Anniversary Collection Event
- Added a month [Ring] was made in June birthstone ring
- Added [Strengthened Scroll of Enhancement] to increase the chance of strengthening by 10%.
3. 6th Anniversary Push Enhancement Event
4. Update package items for 6th anniversary

- [Scenario] 211 year map revision
- [Diary Before] Store number removed Display
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.6.1
◆ Ver_3.6.1 Update Information ◆
- Edit Google account to be able to login

◆ Previous 3.6.0 Updates ◆
1. Change map image
1. Addition of new longevity
- Added Jegal skin 1
- Addition of longevity achievements of jegal, jugongtan, and lord
2. Add longevity skin
- Added the skins of Goseon, Jang Yeon, Jangwik, Chowang, Hoger, and Wan
3. New transcendence first added
- The specialization ability of the first priority gives additional defense.
4. Upgrading Existing Transcendent Weapon Attributes
5. Warehouse storage quantity indication
6. Emperor's Statement 129 ~ 140 layers added
7. Upgraded partial compensation for daily / monthly achievements / proofs
8. Increase the number of store decorations purchased
9. Monthly Package Configuration
[The Underworld]
1. Increasing soldiers' ability according to the number of Transcendental Weapons
2. Commissions compensation upward
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.5.9
◆ Ver_3.5.9 Update Instructions ◆
1. New Transcendence Weapon Update
- Add Hwangryong Moon
- Transcendence weapons have different specialization abilities
2. Add weapon synthesis system
- Used to create weapons of transcendence
3. Add to Cart
4. Continuous Enhancement button
5. Add friend reject request button
6. Addition of four layers of proof tower
7. Transcendence Weapon repair text error correction (Transcendent weapon is not recoverable)
8. Other bugs and error improvements
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.5.7
◆ Ver_3.5.7 Update Instructions ◆
1. Added 2 history gallery images
2. Add number of hats
- Add a poison / poison / poison
1. Add more skin
- Add the tube to the bottle / heroine / angler skin
2. Add six will of the emperor
3. Maximum amount of treasure can open
4. Absorbing band balance patch
- The absorption band is reduced from 30 to 25%
- Fixed the damage received when there is no skill.
5. Elimination of restrictions on purchase of original stores
6. Bug fixes
- Fixed two bugs in connection
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.5.6
◆ Ver_3.5.6 Update Instructions ◆
1. Add new number of skins and skins
- The tube is added to the bottle / heroine
- Added 3 longevity achievements
- Machinok / Ikkoryong / Add the Sopran skin
2. Improve convenience of main screen UI
3. Strengthen the Book III item addition
4. Monthly Achievement, Certified Patch Partial Patch
5. Downward price adjustment and adjustment

# Fixed Google login problem under marshmallow
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.5.5
Good morning. It is before the trickery of the Three Kingdoms.
First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the users who have waited a lot of time.
We will continuously update the bugs and updates that you contacted after checking the contents.

# Diary update

1. Add new raw equipment
- Angle window (weapon)
- Helping Helm (Helm)
- Soled armor (armor)
- Trousers (trousers)
- Oregano (horse)

2. New primitive equipment appeared in blacksmith and primitive treasure chest

3. Monthly package of special shops

4. Other bug fixes
- Fixed a bug when using Stamina Enhancement

Chuseok Events

I hope you will have a good time and prepare a Chuseok event.

[Event period]
September 20 - September 26, 2018 (7 days)

[Event contents]
See cafe notice
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.5.3
[Update contents]
Diary exhibition
- Fixed to prevent other longevity devices from being listed when replacing / installing
- Fixed the symptom that game stops when trying to acquire more items with more than 500 devices
- Enhance the equipment in the warehouse / smelting / awakening or improve convenience when using consumables
- Elimination of alphabet input method in macro prevention device
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.5.0
- Fixed the mistake of buying a soul soul
- Modify the keypad when the macro check screen appears
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.4.8
Ver_3.4.8 - Macro check system error correction
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.4.5
Ver_3.4.5 - Fixed the inability to access specific terminal on intro screen - Modify server initialization period
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.4.4
## Ver.4.4 - Correcting the diurnal crash in the scenario ## Ver.3.3.3 - Correct crash phenomenon when entering warehouse ## Ver. 3.4.2 - Fix crash when running games on some devices ## Ver. 3.4.1 # scenario 1. Longevity image renewal (Song-gum, Hyeongseong, Lee) # Diary Before 1. Add longevity skin (myeongwoo, shangwang, elder) 2. Add costume system 3. Adjustment of treasure hood price 4. Special store initialization change (Monthly initialization) 5. Server response speed slightly improved 6. Minor bug fixes ## Ver_3.4.0 - Fixed bugs when entering the competition
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.4.3
## Ver.3.3.3 - Correct crash phenomenon when entering warehouse ## Ver. 3.4.2 - Fix crash when running games on some devices ## Ver. 3.4.1 # scenario 1. Longevity image renewal (Song-gum, Hyeongseong, Lee) # Diary Before 1. Add longevity skin (myeongwoo, shangwang, elder) 2. Add costume system 3. Adjustment of treasure hood price 4. Special store initialization change (Monthly initialization) 5. Server response speed slightly improved 6. Minor bug fixes ## Ver_3.4.0 - Fixed bugs when entering the competition
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.3.9
3.3.9 # scenario 1. Added 5 kinds of new armed faces 2. Paid Scenario Price Discount 3. Add tracks to each scenario # Diary 1. Addition of new longevity (class, literature, etc.) 2. Adding new achievement skills (disarming) 3. Add pub content 4. Extended longevity up to 20 5. Change of pre-tally compensation and internal probability adjustment 6. Competition compensation change 7. Add the raw grade to the goldsmith 8. Add the imperative duty of the emperor 9. Fixed a bug that did not reduce the elasticity of the Seven Holy Spirit. 10. Seven Spirit, Onslaught Instinct, Survival Instinct Balance Adjustment 11. Improved user compensation 12. Added new achievement achievement statistics (absorptive band, disarmed) 13. Minor error correction
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.3.8
3.3.8 # scenario - Correct hero's age data - Renewal of three species of longevity face # Diary Before - Added three kinds of longevity skin - Added new longevity - Added new achievement technology (absorber) - Change the initial technology of some longevity (positive, negative) - Add a raw grade ring - Add a ring treasure chest (raw) - Name of jewelry treasure chest, price change when opening items - Three vacancy box name, price, rating change - Change three vacancy grades - Add six missions of the emperor's will - Add three layers of proof tower - Added multiple enhancements - Elimination of consumption of white papers when acquiring skills - minor error correction
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.3.6
3.3.6 - Correction of errors of fragmentation of awakening
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.3.4
3.3.4 # Diary - Modify event function
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.3.3
3.3.3 # scenario - Longevity Face Renewal # Diary - Added Soul Sculpting Composite System - Added longevity skin - Improvement of warehouse inquiry communication method - Fixed the situation where you can not make multiple purchases when you purchase treasure chest. - Quantity display when mounting consumables on longevity information screen - minor error correction
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.2.9
3.2.9 # common - Changed image of 30 persons # scenario - Fixed an error that causes only up to 20 players to be armed - When the attack side retreats, the gun consumed error correction - Fixed some scenario longevity data errors # Diary Before - Added 4 new longevity (Ko Soon, Kwak, Dum, Dam) - Fixed some longevity ability - Added new grade item (primitive) - Proof Tower 181, 182 floors added - Longest Awakening Maximum Extension (15th) - Reorganization of Daejeon system - Modification of acquired items and adjustment of probability in Daejeon - Add new goods (original) - Add original store - Added equipment unlock function - Increase the maximum amount of automatic anti-counterfeit (600 times) - Lowering the prices of some shops (treasure treasures in national treasures, upgrading of national treasures) - Some modifications of special stores - monthly package change - Fixed the possibility of subscribing, canceling, accepting, rejecting, creating, and recruiting announcements even during the clan season - Remove video ads - Remove other minor bugs
New in com.highbrow.games.SamTactics 3.2.6
- Minor bug fixes
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